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Version 0.2.2 - Better Performances and Testing

A new version is out. Actually, a pair of versions have been released. The most important change is an important bug with how default values worked that has been fixed. The other visible improvements will be felt on the performance side, as discussed in the previous entry.


  • New features
    • A few statistics are exported.


  • Bugs fixed
    • The defaults system was pretty much broken, it should be better now.
  • New features
    • Basic testing framework started.
    • create_resources now supports the defaults system.
    • defined() function works for resource references.
    • in operator implemented for hashes.
    • Multithreading works.
    • The ruby <> daemon communication is now over ByteStrings.
    • The toRuby function has been optimized, doubling the overall speed for rendering complex catalogs.
    • Various internal changes.