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Language-puppet 0.14.0

A new version is out, and the version bump is here because it might now break catalog builds (despite no API change). The resource relationship resolver has been completely reworked, and should now work a bit more like Puppet does. It should now properly flag unknown resources used in relationships, or relationship loops.

There is another feature that might be of interest to those who don’t feel like editing modules that are contributed by other persons. An important class of modules are those that are officially supported by puppetlabs. language-puppet should strive to support all of them, but most of them demonstrate bad practices that are frowned upon by Puppetlabs itself (such as the reliance on the inheritance parameters pattern instead of Hiera), and some of them rely on features I specifically want to avoid (such as failed lookups returning undef).

You can now use the --ignoremodules options to prevent puppetresources from interpreting those modules, letting you test the other parts of your manifests. This will however fail if you reference a resource from these modules from your code …

Complete changelog

  • New features
    • Overhauled the dependency check system
    • Added an option to skip the user and group checks
    • Added an option to ignore some modules
  • Bugs fixed
    • Added vagrant, nagios, www-data, postgres and nginx to the list of known users.
    • Fixed how resource relationships were resolved with notify and before.
    • Fixed a problem where inheritance whould be used with :: prefix.
    • The defined function now works with classes.
    • All numbers are now strings in templates.