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Language-puppet 0.13.0

This is a release mostly about the new parser stuff and bugfixes.

New stuff

  • New parser stuff, such as adding array and hashes, inserting values in them.
  • Hacky support for scope.get_hash.
  • Numbers are now numbers, and not strings, just like the new parser does. Protip: before activating the new parser for the real Puppet, make sure ALL your file modes are defined as strings, or you will just break your production. That was not a pleasant experience to me !
  • Support for structured facts is present.
  • New stdlib functions : is_hash, has_key, size, values.

Bugs fixed

There were a few very minor bugs fixed, the biggest of them probably being the fact that Puppet seems to define the $title variable for classes declared “define style”. I think this is a terrible decision, but well, it’s now supported in language-puppet.

Haskell stuff

  • Expression now has a Num and Fractional instance.
  • A pure evaluation function is now here, for tests and lenses.

Have fun !