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Hiera Support in HEAD

Hiera support is now in the latest version of the source repository. This is the last important feature that I wanted to implement before hitting 1.0. As with all the other features, this was really quick to develop (an evening to write the Hiera server and integrate it with the interpreter, and two lunch breaks to implement hash, array search types, and to finalize variable interpolation), and it is mostly untested.

I did not look much at Hiera before, but now that I have learned about it I can see how it will simplify my manifests, so I’ll test things a bit more during the following days. I’ll also revamp the test library, and, when I’ll be happy about it, will release 1.0.

I believe several persons are trying to use the library, and I would be quite happy to have feedback about it. If you need a feature, or a bug fixed, do not hesitate to create an issue.