The language-puppet website.

Work with your manifests!

Downloading and Installing

Compile the library and associated tools

Right now binary distribution is limited. The preferred method is to have a working ghc and cabal installation (instructions can be found here). On most linux systems, this should just require that you install the corresponding packages.

Optionally install libruby for a better experience.

Once this is done, just type the following two commands:

cabal update
cabal install -p puppetresources -fhruby

The executables will be found in ~/.cabal/bin/.

Binary distribution

If you do not feel like installing Haskell just to try this library, you might use the binary distribution of puppetresources:

The profiling version is twice as slow (yet still many times faster than the Ruby version) but provides more informative error messages when you are in the presence of a language-puppet bug.

This has been compiled on a Ubuntu Precise (12.04) box, but the main requirement will be the libruby1.8 package.